25 years Anniversary

EuroForm is turning 25

EuroForm was created in 1993 – and this year we proudly celebrate our 25th Anniversary!

From the start and still today, we develop software – primarily for the printer industry.

Our CEO, Kim Niebling, looks back on the quarter of a Century that has passed since the beginning in the early 90’s.

Read his thoughts – and see a video from the celebrations – below.

Celebrating and looking in the rearview mirror

In our active work lives we don’t reflect about the past very often. We’re too busy to stop and think about our ups and downs, former colleagues and competitors, our failures and successes.

But with our 25th Anniversary coming up, I find myself looking in the rearview mirror.

The launch of EuroForm back in 1993 seems like an eternity ago. Jeez, it was almost before the Internet! And yet, I remember it clearly. At that time I had been working with HP for almost ten years. Great times! The leap towards entrepreneurship seemed huge and risky – but also very exciting the more I thought about it.

When we made the decision to start EuroForm, our sons were only 5 and 7 and my wife and I had recently bought our own house. So you see, I needed to create revenue straight away – because we couldn’t afford months without an income.

Needless to say, we succeeded. But only with help from former colleagues in the printer industry and support from friends and family. And of course also quite a bit of hard work.

Now we’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary, and it’s truly an incredible and emotional feeling.

I’m very proud of our company’s durability and progress over the years. We’ve managed to create a lasting and significant software company in the printer industry without losing the family core and values that define us.

I believe it’s ok to be proud of that.

Thank you to every partner who has had faith in us over the years – and still have. Thank you to all the employees that have been a part of EuroForm from the beginning until today. Without you guys there would be no Anniversary to celebrate! Huge thank you to my family and friends for always supporting and helping us when needed.

All the best,

Video from the celebration

Selected partners, employees, friends, and familiy joined us for an Anniversary reception in Copenhagen on November 9, 2018.

You can see a video from the celebrations at Restaurant Toldboden by clicking on the picture with the play icon.

Let's celebrate at Toldboden

The location of the Anniversary reception is Restaurant Toldboden in Copenhagen.

The restaurant is beautifully located by the waterfront right next to “The Little Mermaid”.

The address is: Toldboden, Nordre Toldbod 18-24, 1259 Copenhagen.

Click here for directions via Google Maps.

Parking options

Restaurant Toldboden is located in the centre of Copenhagen where parking can be tricky.

There are a few parking spaces outside the restaurant, but you can find (paid) parking spaces a few hundres meters away.

Click here for Google Maps directions to the paid parking spaces.

Public transport

If you’re flying in via Copenhagen Airport, it’s easy to use public transport to get to Restaurant Toldboden.

Option 1: Take train R1351 from the airport to Østerport St. (25 minutes – direction Nivå St.). Walk 10 minutes from Østerport or take a taxi.

Option 2: Take the metro M2 from the airport to Nørreport St. (15 minutes). Take S-train A or B just one stop (direction Farum St. or Holte St.). Get out at Østerport St and walk for 10 minutes or take a taxi.

From Østerport St. it’s an easy 1 kilometer walk to the restaurant (click here for directions).

Need help for accommodation?

If you need accommodation in Copenhagen before or after the Anniversary reception, there are plenty of possibilities.

Reach out to Helle at hn@euroform.com – we’re happy to help you!

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