JetAdvice and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

JetAdvice products collect large amounts of printing data without relating to identifiable individuals, i.e. no users of printers are identified by the JetAdvice solutions.

As part of the management tool, the customer can give access to a few individuals in order for them to manage the JetAdvice products on behalf of the customer. These individuals receive a JetAdvice login, which includes a registration of contact information.

JetAdvice customers are data controllers for the individuals they give access to JetAdvice and the customers are responsible for fulfilling the rights according to the GDPR, including providing information according to Article 13 (Privacy Policy).

EuroForm does not process personal data on behalf of JetAdvice customers and consequently, there is no data processing relationship (and no basis for a data processing agreement). EuroForm is an independent data controller in terms of the few users signing up for an account to manage the JetAdvice solution which data are registered for merely practical purposes. EuroForm will provide the users with EuroForm’s Privacy Policy.

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