EuroForm Partner of the year

2019 - Digital Group A/S

Digital Group has shown a continual growth in their usage of JetAdvice Manager and JetAdvice Hybrid – and has been fundamental in valuable product and business feedback that has helped EuroForm understand ongoing market needs and helped shape our current and future product development.

Learn more about JetAdvice Manager and JetAdvice Hybrid.

2017 - Despec A/S, Nordic

Despec A/S is EuroForm Partner of the Year 2017. Despec was one of the earliest adopters of JetAdvice Connect. A sincere commitment from the CEO and staff has been the foundation for the successful development of the OEM portal, PRISUME.

A close work relationship and a high level of trust has been paramount for a strong collaboration.

2016 - ITEN Solutions, PT

ITEN Solutions came onboard in January 2016 and has proven themselves as an exemplary and growing JetAdvice partner ever since.

ITEN Solutions uses JetAdvice Manager for all their MPS clients and have additionally been using both the width and depth of the JetAdvice product range.

2015 - The DTP Group, UK

The DTP Group has implemented our products in a way that makes JetAdvice an integral part of their business.

We have a strong and constructive collaboration, and The DTP Group has contributed very proactively in the fine tuning of products and services.

2014 - Datapac Ltd., IR

Datapac has continually focused on propagating the use of JetAdvice within their territory thus cementing their relationship with EuroForm.

They have shown a continual growth in the number of devices being managed through JetAdvice Manager, increasing revenue and profitability for partners and themselves.

2013 - Swedish Print Solution

The Partner of the Year 2013 has kept a tight focus on dissemination of JetAdvice in their territory. They have contributed with valuable product and business feedback and strongly increased commitment in number of units.

Swedish Print Solution has worked hard with their customers to successfully integrate JetAdvice into their own backend systems.

2012 - M. Hermida, ES

M. Hermida has kept a tight focus on dissemination of JetAdvice in its territory. They have increased commitment in the number of units; with more than 100% growth.

M. Hermida has also worked hard to successfully integrate JetAdvice into their own back-end systems. The Partner of the Year 2012 has continually managed to successfully explain to customers what value they gain by using JetAdvice.

2011 - Ergo, IR

Irish Ergo was awarded the Partner of the Year 2011 award during the JetAdvice Summit in Copenhagen.

Ergo has implemented the JetAdvice product portfolio in a professional and efficient manner making the transition and startup very smooth. Following that, Ergo’s business optimization using the JetAdvice products has been impressing to follow.

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