BarCodeJet Internal makes it easy to print barcodes on existing HP LaserJet and Multifunction printers (MFP).
– per job and per user.

Complete and universal solution

Take a look around at any hospital, supermarket, post office or warehouse. You see barcodes everywhere and in all branches.

From producers who want to monitor their production and warehouse stock to distributors who want to streamline the mail, to hospitals that need to monitor patients and medication, barcodes are an important tool.

Previously the barcode generation required dedicated printer hardware and specialized solutions. With BarCodeJet you can use almost any HP LaserJet printer or MFP device in a high quality as a barcode printing system.

So Simple…

Easy installation with many options
With the BarCodeJet installed in the appropriate “slot” in the HP LaserJet printer or MFP, you are immediately ready to print barcodes. Simple and fast!
BarCodeJet is independent from the host operating system.

Scalable and bitmap barcode included
BarCodeJet comes with a complete set of scalable and bitmap-barcode-fonts for mixed use in environments that require support for both intelligent and font-barcodes, and support for one-and two-dimensional barcodes.

The solution is fully compatible with SAP’s solution for output sizes of barcodes, therefore requires no programming.

• Intelligent solution for printing one-and two-dimensional barcodes.
• Delivered ready-to-use on Compact Flash or USB module.
• Simple installation in the printer or MFP.
• Complete set of industrial, scalable and bitmap barcode fonts.
• Independent of the host operating system.
• Ready to print bar codes from SAP and other ERP systems and internal programs.

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