Personal Data Policy

EuroForm A/S, Personal Data Policy for Recruitment

When you submit a job application to EuroForm A/S, it is important to inform you with our privacy policy. This applies regardless of whether you apply unsolicited or based on a job posting.

EuroForm A/S as Data Controller – here you can contact us

EuroForm A/S treats your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the applicable personal data law.

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Personal Data Controller and Contact Person, if you have questions regarding your personal data:

Kim Niebling, Director

E-mail: – Phone: +45 4466 8338

Purpose of our processing of your personal data

The personal data you provide in connection with the submission of your job application or otherwise as part of a recruitment process is used and stored for use only in the execution of a recruitment process and in connection with a possible recruitment.

You are encouraged to provide relevant data only in your application, not cpr. or other sensitive data unless you believe it is relevant to your application.

Transmission of personal data to third parties

In case we use external companies in the recruitment process – including recruitment companies, providers of personality tests, etc. – you will be informed about this.

The disclosure of your personal data to any third parties is in accordance with written agreements with the parties concerned that comply with the applicable rules, including confidentiality requirements and deletion of data after the recruitment process ends.

Obtaining references and background checks

Since we have a legitimate interest in finding the best candidates for a job at EuroForm A/S, we can retrieve references from former employers, educational institutions or other relevant parties. Therefore, during or after the first call, you may be asked to consent to obtaining references that we may contact if we consider you to proceed in the process.

In certain situations, depending on the nature of the position, we will conduct a background check by searching data about you through publicly available sources such as LinkedIn, Google, CVR registry, etc., to the extent that we consider the data relevant to the performance of your job . This is based on a legitimate interest in ensuring that we employ the best candidate – both professionally and personally.

At the job interview you are entitled to – and otherwise upon request – to be informed of the specific data we have collected about you.

Sensitive data

We do not collect sensitive personal data (including health data) without your explicit consent. In connection with your application or at the latest at the first interview, you are encouraged to provide data about any health conditions that are of significant importance to your ability to perform the job you are looking for.

Storage of personal data

EuroForm A/S stores data about job applicants at external IT providers within the EU/EEA. Collaboration with the suppliers is covered by written data processing agreements that comply with the applicable rules for handling personal data.

The data is stored and processed in such a way that only relevant persons in the company, including the director, the HR-responsible and, if applicable, others who are directly involved in the recruitment process have access to your data.

Period for storing personal data

We will keep your application and other data until we have assessed the application and, if it is a concrete job recruitment, until we have undertaken and completed the recruitment process, but a maximum of 6 months. If you are hired by EuroForm A/S, your application will be stored during your employment relationship.

If you do not get the job, but we believe that there may be a need for someone with your qualifications within the foreseeable future, we may ask you for permission to keep the application longer than six months.

Data subject rights

In connection with the company’s processing of personal data, you have the following rights. Please be aware that some rights are not absolute and only apply in certain circumstances.

  • Right to request access to information about which personal data EuroForm A/S is processing about you, including the purpose. We respond within a reasonable time, but no later than one month.
  • Right to rectification of inaccurate personal data
  • Right to erasure of personal data and a right to stop the processing of data that is no longer relevant to the employment or where the basis for the data processing is no longer applicable, including if consent has been revoked.
  • Right to object to unjustified data processing.
  • Right to appeal to the Data Protection Agency. See contact information at

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